Smart fuelling

When technology make  life easier 

Faster transactions

No more queues and wasted time

Connected benefits

embedded Payments and loyalty programs 


A kind of "techno-magic" experience

When stopping in a fuel station, your phone or connected car automatically activate the nearest pump. You get your fuel and leave the station. CarPay-Diem takes care of the payment. You receive the transaction receipt and your rewards directly on your mobile.

This is most efficient solution to take fuel in a petrol station ever.

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Focus on your "fillings"

A fast growing network

Because you take fuel in various locations, we are deploying CarPay-Diem in different countries. You will get the best experience wherever you need fuel.

This is not fast enough for you? Send us a mail at and tell us where we should accelerate the deployment. You'll be part of our success.

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