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Pit stop made efficient.

My phone switches on automatically when I stop close to a fuel pump.

I confirm that I want to take fuel and the pump is authorized.

I refill the tank and leave the station, CarPay Diem has manage the payment and the receipt is already on my phone.

That's just great!

an awesome experience


    Focus on what's important.

    Everything is managed automatically from inside your car, with your phone or the car itself!


    Keep track of your spendings.

    The second you put back the nozzle... Your receipt is there!


    Outstanding rewards and offers!

    Select the rewards you deserve for your loyalty and automatically get the station offers on your mobile.


    Connected payment.

    You decide how you pay. CarPay-Diem is connected with various payment solutions (credit, debit and fuel cards as well as wallets)

The first useful connected payment experience.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

We all have favourites.

Phones, apps, cars, petrol stations, or even payment method. 

We don't want to be limited in our choices.

This is why CarPay-Diem provides a maximum flexibility.

Always available, everywhere.

Get on board with us!

It took us months to build the CarPay-Diem services but it is now a few clicks away from you.

We have designed a solution combining connected devices, mobile payments and Internet of things with the highest level of security.

CarPay-Diem provides great advantages to drivers, to app editors and to petrol stations whatever their brand.

Are you ready for it?


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Fuel Station Manager

You want to allow drivers to tank with their smartphone and communicate with them on your forecourt?

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